Find Meraki at Cisco Live Barcelona

You can learn about Cisco Meraki in a variety of places throughout the Cisco Showcase. Check out one of our demos below, or sign up for a speaking session today!

Meraki demos will be available throughout the Cisco Showcase (formerly known as the Cisco Campus) in the World of Solutions and the DevNet Zone.  See below for opening hours. 

Cisco Showcase & World of solutions

Monday, 28 January         12:00-17:30
Tuesday, 29 January          10:30-20:00
Wednesday, 30 January     10:30-19:00
Thursday, 31 January        10:30-18:30


Monday, 28 January          8:00-19:30
Tuesday, 29 January          8:00-20:00
Wednesday, 30 January     8:00-19:00
Thursday, 31 January        8:00-18:30
Friday, 1 February        8:00-13:30


CISCO Showcase demos 

Meraki will be featured in several demos throughout the Cisco Showcase in the World of Solutions. Visit one of our demos below throughout the week to get a full dose of Meraki!

Branch Area - Meraki Digital Workplace
Powered by Meraki access points, switches, and secured by our physical and network security appliances, the Meraki Digital Workplace showcases how you can scale your offices with simplicity, power, and security.

Reinvent the Network (RiN)
Looking for the latest and greatest of Meraki? Check out our demo at Reinvent the Network which showcases our newest solutions and products - Meraki Insight and Wireless Health.

Unlock the Power of Data (UPD)
Our location analytics and data capture tools gives you a wealth of knowledge to make better decisions in your day to day. You won’t want to miss learning how you can unlock this power with Meraki's access points and security cameras today!

Security is Foundational (SiF)
Here, Meraki MX will be featured in the “Network Security” demo. Stop by and chat with one of our experts to check out how Meraki powerfully secures your network day in and day out.

*This map only shows the Cisco Showcase demo locations

*This map only shows the Cisco Showcase demo locations


devnet zone 

Cisco Meraki will be making our third consecutive appearance at DevNet Zone in the World of Solutions. With Cisco Meraki, every customer has direct access to our suite of cloud-based APIs, making it easier to deploy at scale, enable loyalty programs with WiFi splash pages, track the location of WiFi and BLE devices, and build analytics frameworks that help them make important decisions that will drive their business.


INNOVATION SHOWCASE: Intelligent Technology for a Better Customer Experience

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | Thursday, 31 January
Presented by: Todd Nightingale, SVP/GM of Meraki

Our users, whether business or consumer, are becoming savvy shoppers. With rich analysis and feedback just a quick search away, providing an exceptional customer experience is a necessity for all of us. The best technology rises to this challenge by enabling more relevant and personal touchpoints for customers, fueled by rich insight and smart analytics. In this session we'll unpack some of the practical ways in which a modern infrastructure can improve the experience, for everyone from your customer to the employees serving your customers. Expect to come away inspired by new perspectives on the power of great experiences.



The Meraki Training & Evangelism team will be leading WiSP (Walk-in Self Paced) trainings as part of the World of Solutions at Cisco Live! Barcelona. The Cisco Meraki Essentials (intro training) and Cisco Meraki Advanced Solutions (use-cased based training) 1-hour sessions will be available for any attendees to take and will cover all products in the Meraki portfolio. This is an excellent opportunity for partners and customers to get hands-on with the Meraki Dashboard and experience the value and power first-hand.

Cisco Meraki WISP Lab’s:

MX at the Branch:
Focuses on Branch deployment using the new security appliance model MX68 and an MR access point, covering features such as – Auto VPN, SD-WAN, Access Control and Network Security. Participants get the experience of deploying branch networks from a remote location.

Meraki Essentials:
The essentials lab is an introduction to the Meraki dashboard and is designed for engineers who have basic or no understanding of Meraki. This lab will give an introduction to the dashboard and how to configure some essential features.

Network and Application Assurance:
The network assurance lab allows IT admins to investigate not only network problems like LAN latency, WLAN connectivity and authentication issues, but also visibility into cloud application problems not commonly viewed in a networking tools such as good put, server side latency and uplink details. The lab covers Meraki Insight and Wireless Health on a preconfigured dashboard.

API Scavenger Hunt:
API lab is an introduction to using API’s to extract information from the Meraki dashboard. The lab takes you through the process from start to finish of obtaining performance statistics from MX appliances. It is designed to give a base level understanding and leave the attendee wanting to explore further options.


Speaking sessions

The Meraki team is presenting multiple sessions throughout the CLEMEA program.  From DevNet Zone Workshops to Technical Breakouts and presentations on Meraki's newest solutions and the whole product family, there's something for everyone. See here for the various sessions taking place!


whisper Suites

Whisper suites are private, one-to-one meetings that customers and partners can request with Meraki. If you are looking to host a meeting with Meraki, contact your sales rep today to schedule that meeting before the times get filled!


Cheers! with Meraki Reception (RSVP ReQUIRED)

As a thank you to our customers and partners, Meraki will be hosting a private reception on the night of Wednesday, 30 January! Click on the “Cheers! with Meraki” link in the navigation to register today before it's full!